Coolist Life Technology Co. Ltd. is a multinational company with operation centers

in Germany, Japan, US & China. The company was established by Mr. Kevin Lin

who was born in Taiwan and served the Polyurethanes industry for more than 30


Coolist is the pioneer of bio-based foam solutions. As the leading provider it offers

a wide range of super soft, hydrophilic memory-foam combined with technological

designed materials.

The main pillars of our successful development philosophy are Safety, Health,

Environment and Education. But more importantly we care for people, the fundamental

factor in the long-term success of Coolist.

We value our motivated and responsible employees, include and promote new talents

and support them in developing their capabilities further. We are providing platforms

as a learning tool for interns studying at the major universities and are connecting

suppliers, clients and staff for the best possible team-work and partnership.

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