Product Research & Development

This revolution sleep technology has evolved in Asia over a 20
years period, with a dedicated team of in-house research &
development team, manufacturing researchers, and engineers.

Product Supply

Coolist makes its debut with a line of specialized
foam – The BioeLite, BioMate, and BioLux. Each
foam varies in firmness, size, and composition to
fit the sleepers height, sleep position, and softness

Exhibition Hall Design

Integrating resources and share to all partners , ie: exhibiton
hall design, catalog,website, etc.

Advertising Propaganda

emplate for a marketing tool that you can share with
your partners around the world, e.g. photos of products,
packaging solutions, product labels, etc.

Creating Premium Value

Based on ODM oriented service, flexible production,
safety stock, global platform with local service center,
fast response to your needs - no matter where you

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